Ready-made development plans

The career path is a representation of how a person in the organization can grow. It consists of set of skills and knowledge that are required to be acquired in order to progress to the next level. Goal of a DevPath is to establish and focus on solid foundations. Each track has its own set of skills. Order of passing is not relevant unless specified within the skill tree (all the prerequisites must be met).

Our progression framework distinguishes 2 levels:

  • Junior
  • Independent

Who is Junior?

Delivers only simple solutions without any help. Will not deliver complex solutions or will deliver ones that are unacceptable.

Who is Independent?

Delivers most of the solutions without help, but can have problems applying some of the best practices smoothly and in a planned manner. Needs help with tasks of high complexity.

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Backend Engineer

Not available in demo.

Frontend Engineer

Frontend Engineers specialize in creating the user interfaces of web applications. They focus on designing and developing the visual elements and user interactions. Frontend Engineers can diverge into two distinct tracks: web frontend and mobile app development.

Mobile Engineer

Not available in demo.