API Standards

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Understanding and applying a range of web styling techniques, from basic HTML and CSS principles to advanced methods involving animations, keyframes, and performance optimization. Includes proficiency in HTML tags, CSS, SASS, cross-browser compatibility, and debugging


JavaScript module covers key aspects, including data types, hoisting, type coercion, static vs. dynamic typing, strict mode, higher-order functions, currying, scope, closures, callbacks, recursion, constructors, and DOM. By mastering these concepts participants will gain a robust understanding of JavaScript's fundamentals


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Gain proficiency in React, a leading JavaScript library used for developing user interfaces. Learn to construct reusable UI components for dynamic, responsive web applications. Mastering React includes understanding its component-based architecture and efficiently managing state and props, essential for modern, high-performance web development.

React Native

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Ruby & Ruby On Rails

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Testing Expertise

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By immersing in this TypeScript module, programmers will understand available data types, learn effective narrowing techniques, explore utility types, delve into generic typing, and comprehend conditional types. The module also sheds light on the practical use of keyof and typeof operators, while unraveling the intricacies of mapped and indexed types.